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AGE Supercase Muncie Transmissions
The Ultimate Streetable 4 Speed   Tremec T-5, T45, T-45, TR3450,TR-3450, TR3550, TR-3550,TR3650, TR-3650, TR4050, TR-4050, T-10, Super T-10, TKO500, TKO 500, TKO600, TKO 600, M-21, M-20, M-

The only option if you want to have a sweet shifting transmission that you can drive on the street all day long and will take all the punishment you can dish out at the track all day long as well.  In fact, you can replace your existing unit for about the same cost as a complete rebuild with new components.  In this way, you can place your entire numbers matching unit on the shelf for safekeeping and never have to worry about damaging it due to the loads imposed by the power available to you with today's engine technology.

Key Features & Benefits

bullet Super strong case and components
bullet Available in Custom ratios
bullet Available in 10 or 26 spine input and/or 27 or 32 spline output
bullet Fully interchangeable with OEM components

AGE Supercase    AGE Extension Housing   AGE Mid-plate   AGE Gearsets   Side Cover

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