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T10, M20, M21, & M22 Gear-sets

We carry a full line of T10 and Muncie gears available in stock ratios and cuts as well as custom ratios and cuts.  For example, the reduced bevel angle of the teeth on the custom M20 gear-set reduces the end loads on the bearings and cases, and results in horsepower gains and the capacity to handle greater horsepower than the original gears.  In other words, you can retain your original M20 wide-ratio gearing but obtain the above noted advantages of the straighter cut gears.

Key Features & Benefits Tremec T-5, T45, T-45, TR3450,TR-3450, TR3550, TR-3550,TR3650, TR-3650, TR4050, TR-4050, T-10, Super T-10, TKO500, TKO 500, TKO600, TKO 600, M-21, M-20, M-

bullet Available as individual gears or complete sets
bullet Available as direct stock OEM replacement parts
bullet Available in custom ratios
bullet Stronger than original


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