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We are now Canada's premier muscle-car driveline dealer and for the second year - the largest McLeod dealer in Canada.    Tremec T-5, T10, Super T10, T45, T-45, TR3650, Hemi 383, 340, 426, 427, 428, 396, LS1, LS8 Corvette, GTX, Charger, Roadrunner, Beaumont, Yenko COPO Camaro, Chevelle, Boss Mustang, Cobra, TR3450, TR-3450, TR3550, TR-3550,TR3650, TR-3650, TR4050, TR-4050, T-10, Super T-10, TKO500, TKO 500, TKO600, TKO 600, M-21, M-20, M-22, M20, M21, M22

We are the Canadian Distributors for Auto Gear Equipment, the designers and manufacturers of the AGE "Supercase" Muncie transmission. We stock all parts and components for the rebuild of any M20, M21, and M22 Muncie units. 

We specialize in supplying transmission parts and complete units for T-5, T-56, TKO-500, TKO-600, and other Tremec transmissions.

We carry all parts for your Ford Toploader transmissions, as well as a full selection of Autolite and Ford Power-Punch reproduction batteries.

We specialize in supplying any and all parts for Chevrolet Muncie and T-10 transmissions and a full selection of GM/Delco reproduction batteries.

We also carry NOS and newly manufactured OEM quality parts for the Dodge/Plymouth A-833 Four Speed transmissions, and a full selection of Mopar reproduction batteries.

We carry McLeod SFI flywheels and clutches for all of the above as well as Yukon & Richmond differential parts, gears and axles.

Whether you are running a big-spline toploader in your classic Shelby GT500 or Cobra, a T-10, Super T-10, or Muncie in your Chevy Camaro, a T-5 in your late model Mustang, a T-56 in your Viper, or a TKO-600 in your nine second door slammer -- we have the parts you need to rebuild or upgrade your transmission and get as good as or better than new performance out of it...

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide both value and service so as to ensure that we are always the company our customers choose.  When you are looking for Transmission gears, complete units, posi units, information, or just plain advice, we want to be your supplier of choice.  For the Borg Warner T-5, Borg Warner Super T10, Muncie M20/M21/M22, and Ford Toploader transmissions we will ensure that all parts are in stock on our shelves, and available to be delivered to our clients anywhere in North America within two days if necessary.

Company Profile

We are a privately held corporation, specializing in providing OEM and OEM specification (or better) transmission and driveline parts for classic and new North American manufactured Muscle Cars.   We are constantly looking for new products and services to offer to help you improve your car's performance and longevity while completely retaining its nostalgic look.

Gears To Go at Mission Raceway in June 2010 for a race weekend...

Gears to Go is a family-run business based in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.  It is run by Steve Slusarenko and Brent Carson.  Brent is the real brains of the business, providing both technical expertise and expert advice.  We are both heavily involved in the muscle car business and hobby, and between the two of us we own over a dozen sixties muscle cars.  We have known the pain of trying to locate parts for these cars, and trying to find people with the knowledge and expertise to keep them in top form...  We continue to gain personal knowledge of all aspects of these cars, and search out other experts and craftsmen to assist us in providing the best possible products and services to you, our customers.

We are active members of several local, regional and national car clubs and welcome the opportunity to support your club and provide technical articles for your club newsletters. We are also the Canadian Distributors for Gibbs Brand Lubricant, the world's best penetrating, lubricating and water displacement product.

Contact Information

Telephone - Call Brent at Gears To Go
 - toll free at 1(877) GearsToGo (432-7786) (North America)
 - locally at (604) 209-5706 (in Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland)
FAX  (604) 630-7172
Postal address - # 138 P.O. Box 8000, Abbotsford, B.C. V2S 6H1
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